How I Setup A Monitor In My Room And Why It's Awesome

Productivity May 14, 2020

Ever since schools have been closed, I've had much more time to code and write.

Online school only takes me 1-2 hours every morning. Before, school in-person before quarantine took at least 11 hours out of my day, leaving me with little time to do what I love (coding, writing, building).

Doing school online and at home isn't the main focus of this article. The main focus is that I setup a monitor in my room and it's helped me get a LOT done.

Let's dive right in, shall we?

Here's my setup in my room:

my awesome monitor setup in my room

It's a very simple setup, but it works great.

I have experimented with many setups in many different rooms, but this one seems to work the best. Since the monitor wasn't tall enough to not be blocked by my Mac computer, I placed the monitor on top of a handful of books.

Speaking of books, I'm working on making my own reading list. I've read many books this year, and I am reviewing my favorite books and how they've changed my life.

Back to the setup. The table I am using is primarily made to be a picnic table. However, it works GREAT for anyone who just needs a simple table to use for work or school.

My monitor setup is AWESOME, very simple, and helps me stay productive day-in and day-out.

Keeping my room simple

My work room is also my bedroom. Despite what many say about having your work office in your bedroom, I like it for several reasons:

my monitor setup is simple and helps me stay productive
  1. My bedroom is the only room that I can keep under control
  2. Every other room in my house is slightly noisy and is distracting
  3. I use my work table also as a reading table
  4. My room is always clean and neat

The Gist

That's the gist of it. My monitor setup is simple and helps me stay productive. I keep my room clean and do my best to be productive everyday.

There are days where I watch an episode of Impact Theory. However, I use it as a time to take a step back from doing something mentally tiring.

Now I'd like to hear from you.

How did you setup your work environment?

Do you have a monitor as well as a laptop?

Or maybe you only have a laptop?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment, or tweeting at me.

Josh Ternyak

Hi, I am Josh Ternyak. I am a front-end web developer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota who builds websites and talks about how he does it.

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